About Us

Pragmatic Business Computing, Inc. was an I.T. (Information Technology) consulting firm incorporated in 2009 and operated in California when I lived there, until early 2014. I specialized in small-business and non-profit technology. (I briefly tried to build a client base in Northern Minnesota after moving there, but found that the small population and depressed economy made that a bad idea if I actually wanted to pay my bills.)

At this point I do freelance copywriting, proofreading, and database projects (among other things); I am a real estate agent with Keller Williams; and I am building an online retail business. I am building a sustainable life that is balanced, sane, and kind, and that adds real value to our economy and culture and to the world my great-grandkids will live in.

I can still be reached if you have a business opportunity or other reason to contact me. My phone is

two one eight – six five six – zero five six seven

and my email address is

mk.anderson at pragmaticbc.com

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